What is a BeautiControl Spa?

At a BeautiControl Spa, you and your guests will experience an hour of relaxing Spa treatments for FREE in the comfort of your home.

Your hour of relaxation includes special treatments like:

  • BeautiControl's famous Instant Manicure for instantly smoother, softer hands.
  • Regeneration® Tight, Firm & Fill® products to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for instantly younger-looking skin.
  • BC Spa Facial to bring skin back to life and help protect skin from future damage.
  • Relaxation with Spa Nourishing Eye Pads to refresh tired eyes.
  • Skinlogics® Lip Apeel® for smoother, softer lips that are more kissable than ever.
  • Award winning Extreme Repair Hand Creme.

Contact your Independent Consultant or find a Consultant if you have questions, special requests or would like to choose one of the themed Spas from the BeautiControl's Spa Menu.


Who attends a Spa?

BeautiControl Independent Consultant.
Spa Hostess.
Six to eight guests (invited by the Spa Hostess).

Who should you invite?

Your best girlfriends or a group of gal pals that you haven't seen in a while.
Your mom, sister or other special family members.
The moms from your kids' play group.
Work associates.

Should you create invites and send them out?

You don't have to. Simply give your guests' contact information to your Consultant, and she'll take care of sending out the invites.

If I'm Hosting, does that mean I need to serve refreshments?

Refreshments aren't necessary to have a completely enjoyable Spa experience. Remember, it's YOUR time to enjoy an hour of pampering, and it shouldn't be extra work. Some Hostesses simply serve chilled water with lemon slices a Spa favorite.

Or if you're hosting a themed Spa, you may consider having fun with a few decorations and a few themed snacks.

Your BeautiControl Independent Consultant will take care of everything

All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your hour of pampering.

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