hosting a spa: the plan to relax
  • Plan your guest list - Make a list of 20 or more people you know who deserve some pampering or relaxation. Having trouble thinking of 20 people? Use this simple acronym – FRANK. Contact Friends, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors and Kid’s connections.  When you think about FRANK, you come up with a LOT of people!   
  • Hostess tip: Invite twice as many guests as you plan for to allow for cancellations.  
  • Make your invitations personal: Call everyone on your list and ask them to save the date. Your Hostess Packet will include a simple script you can follow if you want. And when you provide your guest’s names and addresses to your Consultant, she will send out spa invitations! How’s that for personal service?
  • Hostess tip: Consider e-invitations too!  They are great for keeping track of your responses!  
  • Follow-up, build excitement – Call your friends and family a couple of days before your spa to remind them of their relaxing, pampering experience.  Encourage them to be on time so they don’t miss a thing! 
  • Hostess tip: Keep your call light and breezy.  
  • Get pre-spa sales – When someone says they can’t attend, ask if they would like to order a spa treatment set or other item from the BeautiControl Product Guide.. This is a great way to increase your spa sales, thereby increasing your hostess credit. Set a goal of $100 in pre-spa sales. You can do it!   
  • Hostess tip: Remember – you get sales when you ask for them!  
  • Should there be refreshments?  This is totally up to you. It’s not necessary to provides food or drinks at your spa, however, you can if you desire. 
  • Hostess tip:  We suggest a pitcher of lemon water and some light snacks. Remember – simple is best!  
  • One word: RELAX – Your BeautiControl Independent Consultant will bring everything you need for an indulgent, pampering, rejuvenating, ahhh-inspriring getaway in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 
  • Hostess tip: Let it all go. Just kick-back and have fun!

What could be simpler? Contact your Consultant to plan your spa. book a spa

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